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SnapCenter 4.2 cmdlet to connect to a LUN in a snapshot copy

Hi! I’ve been looking for a PS cmdlet to connect LUNs directly from snapshot. How can I do this with SnapCenter? Using SnapDrive this can be done with either 'sdcli disk connect' or 'sdcli clone mount'. I've checked the SC 4.2 Cmdlet Reference Guide, but no luck so far. I need this to connect LUNs from SQL backup snapshot in order to copy db files with third-party backup software. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Re: SnapCenter 4.2 cmdlet to connect to a LUN in a snapshot copy

If you haven't found anything yet, you can take a look at this Kb.


I don't know if it is still relevant or valid for your version.



Here is the extract of kb:

Note: To start a PS session with SnapCenter server:
Open-SmConnection -SMSbaseurl <snapcenter server URL>
Example: Open-SmConnection -SMSbaseurl


1) Create a snapshot:
New-SdSnapshot -path <disk path> -snapshot <snapshot name>
New-SdSnapshot -path Z:\ -snapshot Test


2) Mount a snapshot:
Mount-SdSnapshot -path <original disk where snapshot was taken> -snapshot <snapshot name> -storagesystem <svm name> -mountpath <clone disk path>
Mount-SdSnapshot -path Z:\ -snapshot Test -storagesystem svm_snapcenter -mountpath C:\mount1

3) Dismount snapshot:
Dismount-SdSnapshot -path <disk path to be dismounted>
Dismount-SdSnapShot -path C:\mount1

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