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SnapCenter Backups - Spanning Resources


I'm using VMDKs from multiple datastores/LUNs/Volumes to create a spanned Windows NTFS volume in a VMware VM.


So machine ServerA has two (2) disks connected - each hosted on separate data stores from different volumes

Disk1 [Datastore01\ServerA.vmdk] 100GB

Disk2 [Datastore02\ServerA.vmdk] 100GB

These disks are spanned to create a single "F:" drive of 200GB


Datastore01 is from the path /vol/Volume01/Lun01

Datastore02 is from the path /vol/Volume02/Lun01


I create a resource group in SnapCenter to backup the VM and include ALL spanned entities


The backup runs and I now have two snapshots.... one on each of the volumes


Volume01 - ServerA_test_12-13-2018_13.36.47.9187

Volume02 - ServerA_test_12-13-2018_13.36.47.9187


Judging by the identical snapshot names, it appears both volumes were quiesced for snapshots simultaneously to ensure a consistent snap - thus allowing for a supported method for restoring files from a spanned drive.


I haven't found specific wording in the SnapCenter or other documentation I was hoping that one of my fellow community members could either confirm or refute this practice.





Re: SnapCenter Backups - Spanning Resources


Snapshot is on a per Volume basis so you have one Snapshot on each Volume.

Is VM consistent Snapshot enabled and required?

If yes, the VMWare Snapshot is made consistent on both disk so it is consistent over both volumes.

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