SnapCenter Cannot See vSphere Policies or Resource Groups

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I have deployed SnapCenter 3.0.1 along with vCenter 6.5 and ESXi 6.5. I can see the SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere in the vSphere Web Client and can create backup policies through it. I see the policies I've created listed in the vSphere Web Client.


However, when I log in to the SnapCenter Server (with the same Domain account that I created the Policies as via vSphere, and the same account also has the SnapCenterAdmin role within SnapCenter) I go to the Settings > Policies section and it says "There is no match for your search or data is not available."


On the same page there is a drop-down arrow in the menu along the top next to the words "File Systems". If I click that the only option is File Systems. I was expecting that maybe I would see vSphere listed there but I don't.


If I jump back to the vSphere Web Client I can use the SnapCenter Plug-in to create a Resource Group and pick one or more of my existing policies to use. It says the Resource Group was created, but if I refresh the Resource Groups pane in the vSphere Web Client, no Resource Groups are listed. The page is empty.


Similarly if I jump back to SnapCenter and go to the Resources section, it too shows as completely empty.


I've tried going in to Settings > User Access and assigning my user account access to all types but the screens still show as empty.


Interestingly though, when I go to Settings > User Access and I change the Asset drop-down to "Policy" I see 3 default policies listed and also the policies that I created through the vSphere Web Client. My user account is listed as having access to that policy. However, when I visit the policies section I don't see any of them.


I'm thinking this is something simple, with how I've applied permissions or something along those lines.


Anyone come across this one?



Re: SnapCenter Cannot See vSphere Policies or Resource Groups



I deploy Snapcenter 4.0. 


I see policie, but i don't see ressource group.


Have you found a solution?


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Re: SnapCenter Cannot See vSphere Policies or Resource Groups

I seen everything in Vsphere webclient page->Home->Snapcenter Plugin for Vmware Vsphere.

Like resource group,Policies.