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SnapCenter SQL Plug In Backup Type



I am just testing the SnapCenter SQL Plug-In and preparing to migrate from SnapManager for SQL. The link below describes the three backup types, however to me the documentation doesn't really clarify what they mean practically speaking.


I want to replicate what we do in SnapManager which is a full nightly backup and tlog backups every 15 minutes. My guess is that I should schedule a nightly Full backup and log backup (to get a full + tlog) and then a Transaction log backup every 15 minutes. From what I can tell, the tlog backup job doesn't have a retention setting. Does it look at the Full backup and log backup job for the retention?


Also: is the simplest way to do this to make the SQL instance the lone resource of a resource group, and then apply both backup types to the resource group?


Lastly, I would assume that Full database backup is simply a full backup without a tlog backup. However, the description in the link below seems to indicate it is actually a system database backup only. If that is accurate, would I then schedule this type of backup separately?


Would love any feedback or assistance on this as I find the options very confusing.


Re: SnapCenter SQL Plug In Backup Type

FYI for anyone who finds this topic, apparently documentation was just poorly worded. Full + Log and a separate Log job are exactly what we needed. The Full is simply a full backup without tlog backups.