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SnapCenter Snapshot - inconsistent snapshots




All the snaps taken with snapcenter is showing consistent: false


Is this correct?


I can attach, clone etc with these snapshots. No errors or warnings in snapcenter. Backup job completed successful. Doesn't matter if its windows file system backup (consistent snapshot is selected) or sql db backup all shows "Consistent: false" on netapp


Our environment: vmware 6.5, snapcenter 4.4


All the luns are connected to the guest os using iscsi. DB etc are not stored on vmdk/datastore. SnapCenter Plugin for VMware vSphere is not installed as its required for us - but shouldn't matter as the databse, luns etc are not vmdk or rdm


Re: SnapCenter Snapshot - inconsistent snapshots




It sounds like you may be referring to application consistent vs crash consistent. What is being backed up specifically (VMs, SQL databases, Exchange databases, etc)? What does the topology of the environment look like?

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