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SnapCenter Sybase Error "Unable to open input file"


Hi all,


we are trying to backup Sybase with the SnapCenter Plugin.


Sybase Plugin 1.0


We have got an local Admin which has got all environment variables for sybase and has the right to access C:\Windows\Temp but we get the following error during backup with SnapCenter:

2019-03-29T00:36:51.0000173+01:00 ERROR [pool-4-thread-29] 252 com.netapp.snapcreator.workflow.Task -(Fri Mar 29 00:36:49 2019) [syb-00012] SYBASE:RUN_CMD: Command [F:\sybase\EHD\OCS-16_0\bin\isql.exe -X -Ubackup -Pxxxxx -SEHD -w 1024 -i C:\Windows\TEMP\] failed with return code 53 and message


When I try it manually:

F:\sybase\EHD\OCS-16_0\bin\isql.exe -X -Ubackup -Pxxxxx -SEHD -w 1024 -i C:\Windows\TEMP\

Unable to open input file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\'.


When we do it manually this way, it works:

isql.exe -X -Pxxxxx -Ubackup -SEHD -w 1024 '-iC:\Windows\TEMP\'


Does anyone use Sybase and Windows?

What can we debug to figure out the reason for that issue?




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