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SnapCenter and SQL AvailabilityGroup



during install of SnapCenter 1.1 youve got the option "install local SQL express DB or use an existing SQL server/instance.

We have an SQL Availability Group (AG) so we chose the second option for a existing host.


Now, if we use the AG name with windows credentials install fails with error 1603 in the log.

If we do the same but use a nodename/instance of the same AG install finishes fine and DB is added to the node.

However, this is nog the way we want it because with a AG host failover DB's become stale.


So, is there a workaround to use the AG name during install?


Re: SnapCenter and SQL AvailabilityGroup



Try using the cmdlet Add-SmBackupDataset  Refer 


Refer page 8 Resources: For availability group backup @{"Host"="localhost";"Type"="SQL Availability Group";"Names"="AG1"} Valid Type values are: SQL Database, SQL Instance, SQL Availability Group. You can include comma-separated values for Names. 

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