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SnapCenter for SQL - All failing


Couple things really, one of them related to jobs suddenly failing.


Previously running 4.1P3. Upgraded to 4.1.1P3 Monday morning.


This morning, get alerts of NAOUM about too many snapshots on some of the host log directories.

Find that there are NetApp volume snapshots occuring every 15 minutes; potential in line with our SQL log backup jobs.

That only started Sunday night/Monday morning (eg, 1am Monday.) So, that all started occurring prior to the SnapCenter upgrade.

Is that volume supposed to get a snapshot on the log backup (log only) interval? It did not do that until early Monday, and nothing changed over the weekend.

Same thing started occurring in our other datacenter running a separate instance of SnapCenter.


After cleaning up snapshots, because we almost hit the 255 threshold on the host log volumes, all backup jobs are now failing.

While they are failing, the NetApp volume snapshots are still being created.


Getting this error on log backups and full+log backups.

Backup Registration : RegisterBackupEntities failed : Table 'nsm.nsm_sizemapping' doesn't exist. Backup not found


Re: SnapCenter for SQL - All failing

Hi Jeremy, Is the issue resolved? If not request you to please engage with NetApp Support.

Re: SnapCenter for SQL - All failing


Ended up with 2 support tickets.

One due to what appears to be a table missing from the MySQL database.

Other due to the log file backups always snapping the netapp vol housing that disk, and only started occurring recently/randomly.

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