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SnapCenter vs Snap Creator




is there a comparsion between SnapCenter and Snap Creator. Ther was a link for SC vs, SMGR:


But not for Snap Creator.

So what is differnt especially in restore of single files. Automatied provisioing of secondary volume.


Would be really helpfull.


Best wishes,



Re: SnapCenter vs Snap Creator


I never looked into Snap Creator too much, but it looks like it was originally a 7mode framework/software for developing your own data protection management:


I see references to Snap Creator in the context of ONTAP 9.x (cDOT) operations, so it looks like it's an on-going supported technology.


SnapCenter is the consolidated/unified console for managing/viewing/etc snapshots being orchestrated by various NetApp technologies.  Here's the overview page from the documentation center:


A lot of what used to be individually managed/orchestrated from the various SnapManager for X products is getting integrated into SnapCenter (such as VSC 7.0 backup/restore).  We (my shop) are definitely on the path to implement SnapCenter as part of our operation...


Hope that helps,



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