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SnapCreator 4.1 and Exchange

Will SC4.1 have a native plugin for Exchange (2007, 2010, 2013) or will it need SnapManager for Exchange as the plug-in?




Re: SnapCreator 4.1 and Exchange

Hi Dave,

Over time you will see the Snap Managers integrating as plugins into Snap Creator. This is more of a long-term thing. In the short-term SC has plugins which can allow you to run and schedule a SME or SMSQL backup. This doesnt do much besides run the SnapManager however for customers looking for single pane of glass this could be interesting option to provide some central mgmt.

In addition I hope to get a community effort going to create some native MS plugins. SC has a thriving plugin community where folks can create plugins. There are many plugins and many of these provide stop gaps and springboards for future supported plugins. The community is available at



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