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SnapCreator 4.1 and Lotus Domino 9.x in a VMware VM


Hi there,


I have a customers that would like to run virtualized Lotus Domino Servers and use SnapCreator to create app-consistend snapshots.

They would like to use Fibre Channel as the connection protocol. The customer would also like to use single item restore.


There are multiple question:

a) Can the Lotus Domino data be residing in a FC mapped data store? Dedicated data store and vmdk for Lotus Notes?

b) Can I use raw device mapping (RDM) to map a FC LUN into the VM and put the Lotus Domino Data there?


I know that iSCSI LUN directly into the VM would work, but that is not possible at this customer. I'm also aware that to use single item restore in a SAN environment there are multiple steps.


Hyper visor is VMWARE ESX 5.5

DataStores mounted via FibreChannel

Guest OS is Windows 2012 R2

SnapDrive installed: yes

Lotus Notes 9.x

Netapp FAS8020 7mode 8.2.x


Thanks in advance,






While this will work in a FC environment, I would recommend using RDM LUNs as opposed to using VMDKs.


Snap Creator can't see within a VMDK, and as such we will not be able to perform a single file restore operation.

However a RDM LUN will work fine.


Please note that using a RDM LUN will require you to use the --custom action to perform a single file restore, this is a CLI only operation.


Since you're looking at Windows you will also want to be sure to use SnapDrive for Windows through Snap Creator.


Be sure to check out TR-4009 ( for details as well as the YouTube channel, SnapCreatorTV (


Hope this helps.




Hi spinks,


that helps a great deal.




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