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SnapCreator Community Plug-ins

In the online forum document it tells us that the community written and supported plug-ns are in the NetApp GitHub location 


How ever when you go look here you can't find any repostiory starting in SC-<plugin> has support for SnapCreator been dropped?


Should I be looking to migrate away from SC?


If the community plugins are still being maintained where are they?


Any help much appreciated.





Re: SnapCreator Community Plug-ins



The link you referenced is quite old and the Snap Creator plug-ins have since been moved to the NetApp toolchest and off of github.


A direct link is here, assuming you are signed into the support center: 


SnapCenter is taking over much of the capability of Snap Creator and the SnapManager products.  Eventually you will want to move from Snap Creator over to SnapCenter.


SnapCenter has some of the same plug-ins as Snap Creator, with the ability to create your own plug-ins.


Here is a blog entry where the SnapCenter custom plug-in capability is being used to protect jfrog: 


Hope this helps,


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Re: SnapCreator Community Plug-ins



Thanks for the links, looks like i;ve got some research to do on Snap Center.


Is SnapCenter a licensed option or free if you have ONTAP?



Re: SnapCreator Community Plug-ins

SnapCenter is a licensed option.  

If you have the premium bundle or SnapManagerSuite license this enables most of the capabilities.


Check here for SnapCenter resources including a NetAppU course covering the basics: 





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