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SnapCreator MaxDB Archive Logs


Hi Folks,
I'm in need of some help understanding how maxDB archive logs can be managed with SC (Please keep in mind I'm not a DBA).


Some background:
I'm successfully running snapcreator to backup up oracle systems running SAP.
I'm using two configs for each oracle server,
1. quiesce/unquiesce plus snapmirror plus archive log pruning (daily)
2. the second is only snapmirroring the archive log volume, no plugin used (every 15 minutes)


The environment looks like this
Snap Creator 4.3 (recently ugraded from 4.2.1)
Snap creator server: centos 7
Client systems: Solaris 11
Maxdb: v7.9.08.23
RPO: 15 minutes

MaxDB plugin config:


Question 1: LOG FILES
So far I'm getting successful daily db backups using the maxdb plugin but I'm having trouble understanding how archive logs work for maxdb (for oracle I have the archive logs in a seperate volume and just snap this volume every 15 min).
The SAP Basis guys are telling me that to get a 15 minute RPO they need to schedule log backups from maxdb studio every 15 minutes and then I can use SC to orchestrate the snapshots/snapmirrirors, but I'm hoping it can all be controlled with SC.
I'd be very greatful if someone can share the best process to achieve the 15 RPO

Question 2: RECOVERY
The SAP Basis admin is telling me he needs to have a full backup created by maxdb studio before he can attempt a recovery, this isn't making sense to me and I don't believe it's the case.
Can someone please explain the maxdb recovery process using SC backups.


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