SnapCreator Patches?

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I have a question please: Where can I download patches for Snapcreator?

I learnt that there are Versions 4.1.1P3, 4.1.1P4 etc. available.

But on the Snapcreator download page, there are only the initial versions available, not the patch levels (like currently 4.1.2).


We are having an issue with Domino restore on SAN, this topic should be fixed since 4.1.1P3. But where do we find this?


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Re: SnapCreator Patches?



Patches at NetApp are generally aviablle via a non-published link.

To get access to a particular patch you should contact support.


They will help verify that this patch will meet your needs, or if there is a newer version that you should be using.


Please contact support and they can take care of you!