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SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download


Hello Community

I'm sorry to bother you with that silly question. But I just can't find the download-site for the community-Plugins for PostgreSQL.

I found following article:

There's a link to the github repository => But unfortunately I can't find the sc-postgres Plugin.

Can someone please send me the link where I can find the Plugin?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download


Hello Marco,

1) To start with you will need a account

2) Please visit

          click 3) to join the community.

You will be given a single-sign-on authentication where you will use your account.

3) Once validated, you can access the plugin here

Please let me know if you still have issues accessing.

Siva Ramanathan

Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download


Figured it would be better to bump this thread than add a new one.  Is the postgresql plugin deprecated or gone?  We could really use this.




Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download




The Postgres SQL plugin is a community plugin - it is only available from github.  It is not and has never been supported by NetApp.


If you have a github account and access to the NetApp repository then the plugin is located here:


Hope this helps,




Note:  Sorry for the delay in response.  Due to the platform change no one from the SC team has been getting notified when new comments are posted.  We're working to resolve this.


Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download


The github link is dead.  Where can this plugin be downloaded from?

Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download




Since that link was posted there has been a change of poilcy.


Per NetApp Legal we were instructed to remove github access to all non-NetApp accounts.


We are going through the process now of code scanning a group of plugins, including the PostgreSQL plugin.

Once the code scan is complete the plugins will be posted for download on the NetApp toolchest.


This is currently expected to be completed in late May.

The code scanning process is done by a third party, and we are unable to influence the timeline.


Sorry for the inconveneince.



Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download


So no way to get access to the postgresql plugin in the meantime? 

Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download


Updated ETA?

Re: SnapCreator PostgreSQL Plugin Download


Sorry for the delay - I missed updating this thread someone.

Apologies if this is a double post - my last one seems to have not been submitted.


Snap Creator Community Plugins are available for download here:


The following Snap Creator Community plugins are avialable for download:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Cache
  • Informix
  • OVM
  • SybaseIQ

Thanks for your patience!



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