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SnapCreator Single vApp Restore

Hi Guy's,

Perhaps I'm missing something here but it does not appear possible to restore a single vApp? When i do a restore it does everything in the organization!?

Can somebody advise?

Many Thanks

Mr G


Re: SnapCreator Single vApp Restore


To restore you must update the VIBE_VCLOUD_NAMES parameter and just select what you would like to restore (e.g. 1 vApp).

If you would not like tpo modify your backup config you can also make a copy of your backup config and update the vCloud names parameter in it and use it to restore.



Re: SnapCreator Single vApp Restore

There is one more way that you can do this:

When you select restore action you can check the checkbox Add/override params and add VIBE_VCLOUD_NAMES parameter to the grid with a value like org1::vApp1.

i.e VIBE_VCLOUD_NAMES=org1::vApp1

Please let me know if you have any questions, the above way you restore 1 vApp without modifying your backup config which is used for your org.backup.


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Re: SnapCreator Single vApp Restore

Hi Kapil,

Below is a screenshot of what i did.

This still took down all the vApp's in my organization. Is the above correct?


Mr G

Re: SnapCreator Single vApp Restore

I am sorry but there is a typo: VIBE_VCLOUD_NAMES and not VIBE_VCLOD_NAMES,

please copy it from the configuration file to be accurate. Did the box not suggest the param?


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Re: SnapCreator Single vApp Restore

Ah should have spotted that typo 😃

It didn't prompt me for anything but it appears to be working great now.

Thanks for your swift assistance!

Mr G

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