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SnapCreator and XenServer


Hi @ all,

I am a newby with Snapcreator and have a few questions about XenServer - SnapCreator 3.6.0.
Where should I install the agent on the XenServer and VM or only in the VM's?
Which bit version must be installed if the XenServer?




Re: SnapCreator and XenServer


Hi Ronny,

You just need to install SC server on a host with XEN center, you dont need agent unless host running SC server doesnt have XEN center then install agent on host running XEN center and SC server will use its agent to communicate with XEN center. The bit version maps to OS bit version so 64bit OS = 64bit SC and 32bit OS = 32bit SC.

Let me know if this helps?


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Re: SnapCreator and XenServer


Hi Keith,

There is a Bug.

If you choose the  _recent Name conversion the Metadata File will be overwritten. So you can only restore the Last Snapshot with the GUI.
But thank you very much for this Plug-In.

See you

Re: SnapCreator and XenServer


Hi Keith,


I have installed snapcreater server and agent 64bit on a windows server 2008 SE 64bit. Services are successfully started and I am able to access SC from browser.

Xencenter 32bit is also installed on the same server (where SC server and Agent is installed)

I created a profile configuration file with none plugin and it work absolutely fine.

When I am creating configuration with Citrix Xen virtualization plugin (entering the xenserver ip and root credentials and then clicking on save) it is giving me an error as follows:

"500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details"


I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but did not work

Tried installing on a different machine but did not work

Tried using the ip and logon credentials for the server which has xencenter/snapcreator server & agent is installed but did not work


Please be so kind to suugest on this....



Thanks & Regards,



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