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SnapCreator changing from a Vault to a Mirror and Vault relationship type



We have a Snap Creator workflow using a Vault XDP relationship type and we are planning to convert that relationship to a Mirror and Vault XDP type, which is became the default with later releases of ONTAP.

In Snap Creator, we had only the Vault tab configured and that worked fine.  The workflow broke and backups are failing after converting the relationship from Vault to "Mirror and Vault".  We changed the Snap Creator configuration from Vault to Mirror but that only updates the destination DP volume but not pushing the snapshots from the source to the destination, leaving us without the backup solution and ability to recover from an earlier snapshot at the destination.

What are we doing wrong?




Re: SnapCreator changing from a Vault to a Mirror and Vault relationship type


Your issue sounds similar to what I read here in the article below.


Policy Name : MirrorAndVault
Policy Type : mirror-vault
SnapMirror Label: sm_created
Schedule :This schedule parameter found in a SnapMirror policy rule is not a transfer schedule and will not trigger a backup. Instead, this schedule controls a new feature known as secondary SnapVault Snapshot copies. This feature creates independent snapshot copies on a SnapVault secondary volume without having to create and maintain a corresponding Snapshot copy on the SnapVault Primary. When a schedule is used in a SnapMirror policy rule assigned to a SnapMirror relationship, that rule will create snapshots on the SnapVault secondary volume when the schedule triggers. These rules will not trigger an update and snapshots with the configured label will not be backed up from the primary volume.


If you want your rule to back up snapshots from the SnapVault primary volume, re-create your rule without the schedule parameter.


Other high-level details and caveats for the Secondary SnapVault Snapshot copy feature:

1)This feature is only available for use with vault and mirror-vault type SnapMirror policies.
2) You must have at least one rule in your SnapMirror policy with no schedule parameter.
3) This feature is only available in ONTAP 9 and later.

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