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SnapCreator -- mirror-snapvault fanout

Is there a way to set up mirror-snapvault fanout with SC?
i have primary volumes for production HANA nodes hosted on SVM in one cluster and all my qa/dev nodes needs to be on SVM (ans therefore for refresh purpose mirrored from primary) in another while also vaulting from primary to secondary for tape-out?





Re: SnapCreator -- mirror-snapvault fanout



Refer Snap Creator 4.3.0 SAP HANA Plug-in Operations Guide Configuring SnapVault relationships on page 15

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Re: SnapCreator -- mirror-snapvault fanout

thank you but I think you're missng the point raised in my question -- I've asked if  HANA Plug-in supports fanout (mirror-vault) configuration where the primary volumes first snapmirrored and then the snapmirror destination is vaulted ?

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