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SnapCreator with Solaris zones


Hi All,

Is SnapCreator a solution for backup an Oracle database running inside a non-global Solaris zone?

Disks are NetApp FC luns presented to global zone.

Someone has implemented a similar solution?

Thanks in advanced

Luis Sanchez


Re: SnapCreator with Solaris zones


Hi Luis,

It is a possible solution certainly but since SnapDrive is not possible it isn't a supported configuration. You would have to use OS commands to guarantee file system consistency if this is important. The downside of not doing anything with file system is a recovery would require an fsck most likely, for un-journaled file systems you must handle consistency otherwise they will be corrupt.

In Snap Creator you can use the PRE_NTAP_CMD01 to run whatever script or commands are needed to handle file system consistency.

I would ping neto as well I think he has some exp with this



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