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SnapDrive 6.3P2 (For Windows) LUN Enumeration



I have been performing SnapDrive 6.3P2 installations on my customer's Windows (mixed 2003/2008) estate. They have been using NetApp hosted FC LUNs for some time but have not used SnapDrive to manage them. The Installation and Admin Guide gives instructions on how to manage LUNs not created with SnapDrive (basically unmap from the host and remap through SD), but during my installations, when I fire up the SnapDrive Management GUI, the existing LUNs show and can happily be managed. Is this normal behavior and the install guide needs updating? Are there any caveats that I should know about? Obviously if this is new behavior, it is going to save me (and the customer) a lot of downtime.

Any help with this would be most welcome,

Kind regards,



Re: SnapDrive 6.3P2 (For Windows) LUN Enumeration


Hi Jeffers,

You'll still need to follow the steps highlighted in the IAG as this ensures SDW has all the hooks necessary to manage the luns.

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