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SnapDrive 6.4.1 - Space Reclaimer stops at 0%



I am trying to space reclaim 10gb using the space reclaimer within Snap Drive on a public folders lun.

The data is mirrored via the exchange DAG, after cleaning up the logs at the other end I wanted to use this tool to recover this space.

However when I run space reclaimer , it identifies the 10gb . I then run the task but it sits at  0 % and doesn't reclaim any space .

Am I missing an important step like the disk has to be disconnected / offline   or the Application stopped  ?

Any info appreciated.



Re: SnapDrive 6.4.1 - Space Reclaimer stops at 0%


Hello Dean,

               Have you taken and deleted any snapshots on this volume? I would start with the following:

     1. Verify communications between the host and the storage

     2. Create a snapshot and delete it from the volume using snapdrive on the host.

     3. Review system logs on host

     4. Review storage messages logs

     5. Run the reclaimer from the command line and see if you get any other message indicators.

A support case may help get to the bottom of the issues.

Hope this help


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