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[SnapDrive Error]: Access is denied.


I can create/connect to LUNs on the  filer using Snapdrive and also perform backups with SME. However, I get this  error when SME tries to do a restore. I have ensured the domain account is part  of the administrator group on the filer and filer is part of the domain. Here is  an excerpt from the SME logs. What could be  missing?

16:41:22.702]  Now LUN  SnapRestore...

[16:41:22.702]  Snapshot Name:  exchsnap__exch-mb01-fc__recent

[16:41:25.701]  Restoring LUN  J...

[16:41:37.792]   [SnapDrive Error]: Access is denied.

(SnapDrive Error Code:  0x80070005)

[16:41:37.792]  [SnapDrive  Error](Win32): Access is denied.

(SnapDrive Error Code:  0x80070005)

[16:41:46.790]  SnapManager is  retrying SnapRestore (1)...




Re: [SnapDrive Error]: Access is denied.

Hi Abhinav,

It looks like its getting denied when trying to mount the snapshot lun.

Can you post a OntapWINDC?

What versions of SDW and SME is this?

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