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SnapDrive for Windows - LUN SCSI infos

SnapDrive for Windows shows in the details of a LUN the SCSI properties HBA, Bus, Target and LUN-ID in the form LUN[1:0:0:2] or on sdcli output like this:

LUN Path: filer1:/vol/iscsi_server_db/db1/server_e.lun

     Storage System:         filer

        Storage System Path:    filer:/vol/iscsi_server_db/db1/server_e.lun
        Type:                   lun
        Disk serial number:     W-XMdo/JxFo2
        Backed by Snapshot Copy:
        Shared:                 No
        BootOrSystem Disk:      No
        SCSI port:              1
        Bus:                    0
        Target:                 0
        LUN:                    2
        Readonly:               No

       Mount points:           E:\

IHAC running a Windows 2003 cluster where I got on Node1 the info LUN[3,0,2,0] and on the other Node2 LUN[3,0,3,0]

I never took care of this info, but since we have now a problem on the cluster I am wondering whether or not both nodes should show the same target-id, that is on both either LUN[3,0,2,0] or LUN[3,0,3,0]?




Re: SnapDrive for Windows - LUN SCSI infos

I don't think you need to be concerned with that as long as the mountpoints or drive letters match up.  Each node in the cluster could have different volume/lun settings so you may see a difference.

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Re: SnapDrive for Windows - LUN SCSI infos

thanks for the input.

BTW: do you have a good explanation for "Target-ID" (the 3rd number)? HBA, Channel and LUN-ID are quite obvious and easy to explain/imagine...but the target? Even after reading through the SCSI references and explanations I am not sure about it....


Re: SnapDrive for Windows - LUN SCSI infos

Hi Mark,

I believe this is the the target port of the storage array.

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