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SnapDrive log/DAT file creation issue (Snpdrvdbglog001.dat)


On all of our VMs running SnapDrive 6.2 and later (also with the newest 6.3) we are seeing that the C:\ disks on our VMs are becoming full extremely quickly.

On investigation it seems that since 6.2 SDW is creating 2-4 20Mb DAT files per day in the default location: C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive

The format of these logs is a little cryptic too: Snpdrvdbglog047.dat

- Does anyone know how to stop this behaviour?

- And can we simply delete these DAT files?

I've searched the SDW settings, but I can't find any logging option to tweak.

Help appreciated.



Re: SnapDrive log/DAT file creation issue (Snpdrvdbglog001.dat)

Hello Marc,

I've the same issue. Started on 18/10 and today I have 3GB of these dat files. I don't know where they came from.

Have you find anything yet ?



Re: SnapDrive log/DAT file creation issue (Snpdrvdbglog001.dat)

Hi Geert,

No unfortunately not.

We still have the same problem and I have no idea why.

It gets worse with the more backups you run too - on my SQL server protected with SMSQL I am doing 30min log file backups - so the amount of these logs being created is hugh.

I can't believe other people are not seeing this same problem!?

I may escalate the case to my support vendor now and let them take it up with NetApp.

I will keep you informed.


Re: SnapDrive log/DAT file creation issue (Snpdrvdbglog001.dat)

Hello Marc,

I've found the following workaround on the now site (you can adjust size and amount of the debug log files by adding registry entries). I changed it to 10 and that worked. Maybe you can set them off, by setting the DbgLogFile = 0 :

SnapDrive debug log files have filled the local disk

KB ID: 2013953 Version: 1.0 Published date: 12/07/2009


SnapDrive is creating debug log files (Snpdrvdbglog.log) that exceed 20 MB, or an excessive number of debug log files (10 or more) in the SnapDrive program folder on the client's local disk. These accumulate and eventually fill the local disk, causing Windows to shut down.


The size and quantity of the log files that are kept in the SnapDrive program folder is controlled by the following Windows registry entries:


DbgLogSize - dword
Maximum log file size in kilobytes

DbgLogFiles - dword
Maximum number of debug log files


Editing the registry incorrectly can cause damage to the Windows OS. It is recommended that the registry be backed up before making modifications. For more information consult Microsoft Support.

Add the following registry settings to control the size and number of logs kept on the local drive:

Browse to the registry key:

  • Add a new DWORD: DbgLogSize
    Set the DWORD value to decimal value 00002048. This will set the maximum size of the debug log file to 2048 kilobytes.

  • Add a new DWORD: DbgLogFiles
    Set the DWORD value to decimal value 00000010. This will set the  maximum number of debug log files to 10.

It is not necessary to restart the Snapdrive service for this to take effect.

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Re: SnapDrive log/DAT file creation issue (Snpdrvdbglog001.dat)

Great! Thats exactly what I was looking for! 🙂


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