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SnapInfo Designing for SME


Hi All,

I was trying to look info about this, and we will appreciate any help to understand how to set the snapinfo directories in this escenario with Exchange 2010

We have four Servers for 10K users with four copies for 15 DAGs

We have 2 FAS6040A and we are planing to put a copy of every DAG in every controller

we are planing to put a LUN for every DAG and log, then we have 30 LUNs per controller

Data and Log will be in different Volumes

My question is about SnapInfo

We are seeing the Admin Guide and there is an option to use hard links

My questions is:

Do we have to set the hard link in the same LUN related to logs to every DAG?

Any suggestion or detail is wellcome.

thanks very much in advance



Re: SnapInfo Designing for SME


In order to use hardlink, log LUN and snapinfo LUN have to be the same LUN. When you are using configuration wizard, SME will set this up for you automatically for all your databases in a DAG.



Re: SnapInfo Designing for SME



I'd like to add that all hard linking is done automatically as well. No need to worry about that. 🙂


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