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SnapManager Hyper-V deletion of Snapshots fails


Hi everyone,


we're using SnapManager for Hyper-V 2.1.1 with SnapDrive 7.1.3 on our Hyper-V Cluster (Server 2012 R2).

Backup is working but the auto deletion of snapshots fails.

I did create a new backupset and schedules for several times but the deletion is not working. However it did work before, but I don't know when it stopped exactly. I've noticed it only because our Hyper-V CSV volume was growing more and more.


Extract of the SnapManager Log:


[23.10.2016 22:31:27, (30)] Deleting all snapshots...
[23.10.2016 22:31:27, (30)] Deleting snapshots list...
[23.10.2016 22:31:27, (30)] Processing deletion of backup snapshots..
[23.10.2016 22:31:27, (30)] Deleting snapshot: [Snapshot:
daily_2230_hyper-v-cluster_10-21-2016_22.30.00,VolumeID: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\,Storage system:
svm-iscsi01.vitabs.local,Volume: vl_csv_hyperv,LunPath: /vol/vl_csv_hyperv/csv_hyperv.lun]
[23.10.2016 22:31:40, (30)] An error occurred while deleting snapshot. continuing with rest of the snapshots(if
Error: Invalid snapdrive response for Snapshot deletion request.
[23.10.2016 22:31:40, (30)] Processing deletion of backup snapshots-Done
[23.10.2016 22:31:40, (30)] Deletion of all snapshots completed successfully.
[23.10.2016 22:31:40, (30)] Processing deletion of backups completed successfully.
[23.10.2016 22:31:40, (62)] Deletion of backups completed.
[23.10.2016 22:31:40, (62)] Processing of backup retention policy completed successfully.
[23.10.2016 22:31:40, (62)] Processing of policy: [Backup Retention policy settings]-Done


Kind regards,



Re: SnapManager Hyper-V deletion of Snapshots fails




This error might be due to the DNS not resolving storage name in Snapdrive as expected over standard name resolution in transport protocol settings. Can you replace the SVM name with FQDN name in Snapdrive Transport Protocol Settings



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Re: SnapManager Hyper-V deletion of Snapshots fails




thank you very much.

I had to recreate the backup job, too, so that the autodeletion is working.



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