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SnapManager Linux does it support RDMs from VMware



I have a VM guest running RHEL and want to use Snap Manager for Oracle and Snap Manager for Linux, Ideally we would like to use RDMs from VMware for the guest OS.

Can anyone tell me if RDMs are supported in Snap Manager for Linux ?



Re: SnapManager Linux does it support RDMs from VMware


Info is in the documentation and IMT.

In particular note 5009:

SnapManager for Oracle supports the ability to create RDM directly inside the Guest Virtual Machine for FC Protocol. This ability is supported on Linux (RHEL 5u6, 5u5, 5u4, 4u9, 4u8 and 4u7) and Solaris 10u6 Guest Operating Systems running on VMware ESX and ESXi 3.5 (update 4 and 5), ESX and ESXi 4.0 (Update 1, Update2 and Update3) and ESX and ESXi 4.1 with vCenter version 4.0 along with SMVI version 3.0, VSC version 2.0 and SMVI version 3.0.1, VSC version 2.0.1.

Limitations :

With SMVI 3.0 and VSC 2.0, we cannot use long LUN names (which exceeds 128 characters). This limitation comes with VMware that leads to failure of RDM LUN creation.

That said, you need to run your config through the IMT to confirm it is supported and that the note I attached does indeed apply.

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