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SnapManager Migration Guide to SnapCenter


There is a SnapManager Migration Guide available for SnapCenter 1.1:


However, i cannot find an updated one for version 4.0. All I can find is the "Importing Data from SnapManager to SnapCenter" guide which just describes importing backups archived using SnapVault (we use SnapMirror so this doesn't apply to us).


Any suggestions? Does anyone know if a 4.0 version is on the way? Does the 1.1 procedure still work in 4.0?


Re: SnapManager Migration Guide to SnapCenter


This is actually covered in SnapCenter 4.0 under a different guide name: Importing Data from SnapManager to SnapCenter


Refer guide here:


For VMware workload, this is covered under heading "Migrating VSC hosts" as part of the "Installation and Setup Guide"


Refer guide here:


There is also an import utility for migrating VSC (SMVI) workload to SCV and VSC released called: NetApp Import Utility for SnapCenter and Virtual Storage Console




SCV-VSC-Import-README.pdf covers all the necessary details bundled along with the zip file.

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Re: SnapManager Migration Guide to SnapCenter


Excellent! Thank you very much.

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