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SnapManager Oracle SMO (Windows) Profile Update Error


We would like to change the snapshot count within SMO profiles, but we get an error when we try to save the changes.

There is no operation runnung, but SMO think there is still an operation running...

Old operation ID 2c9a8a0f6726437f0167264385e00001


--[ INFO] SMO-13036: Starting operation Profile Update on host 4C1
--[ INFO] SMO-13046: Operation GUID 2c9a8a0f6759a032016759a038410001 starting on Profile 9E
--[ INFO] SMO-13505: SnapDrive environment verification passed.
--[ INFO] SMO-13507: JDBC verification for "OS authenticated: PLM62PROD/9e" passed.
--[ INFO] SMO-13506: SQLPlus verification for database SID "PLM62PROD" passed.  Environment: [ORACLE_HOME=C:\Oracle\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1]
--[ERROR] SMO-13032: Cannot perform operation: Profile Update.  Root cause: SMO-05506: You cannot update the profile "9E" since there are operation(s) [2c9a8a0f6726437f0167264385e00001] running on the profile. You must wait until the operation(s) complete and then update the profile.
--[ INFO] SMO-13039: Successfully aborted operation: Profile Update
--[ERROR] SMO-13048: Profile Update Operation Status: FAILED
--[ INFO] SMO-13049: Elapsed Time: 0:00:08.471


How can we delete such an obvious not running operation?

Is there a locking for operations within the filesystem or repo db?


Re: SnapManager Oracle SMO (Windows) Profile Update Error




the old operation ID was an failed backup.

I deleted the failed backup within the history and now the profile update works...

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