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SnapManager Sharepoint configuration question


When using Backup Builder and clicking on the Agent host to verify storage layout, I receive the error:

There is not an available logical device for this farm, you cannot save a profile for the backup plan, are you sure you want to continue?

Clicking OK performs the verification and finds no problems with the storage layout. However I cannot progress further as no Logical Devices are visible in the drop down list. The SMSP IAG states "For SharePoint 2010 environment, there is no need to configure the default device due to enhancement on accessing the archived/extended Microsoft Office files." and does not give me the option to configure a default logical device.

In Device Manager I have logical devices for both of my servers (web front end and SQL) which contain Physical Devices for all appropriate LUNs.

And these show correctly in LUN Monitor.

I must've missed something in the setup steps but can't think what else needs to be done to get the Logical Devices visible in the drop down list! Latest versions of SnapDrive, SMSP and SMSQL installed.

Any suggestions welcome.



Re: SnapManager Sharepoint configuration question



The SMSP Logical Devices are not used for SharePoint Databases, Logs, or SnapInfo. The Logical Devices are used to store RBS/EBS BLOB and Index Data as well as the SMSP Backup Index. You should not define the Log, DB, and SnapInfo LUNs in the LUN Monitor.

Logical devices are managed by the SMSP Media Service and the LUN Monitor is used to monitor these devices not the DB, Log, or SnapInfo LUNs. (As a side note, the monitoring is not realtime, SMSP checks every 30 minutes for space on the monitored devices.)

Logical Devices map to Phyisical Devices. A Physical Device can be a LUN, a CIFS share, or a SnapLock Volume. Logical Devices are used to abstract the location of the data so you can change the physical devices as your environment changes.

SMSP needs a Backup Index to store backup plans, backup metadata, and streamed backup data from the WFE backps. The SMSP backup index is generally a LUN connected to the SMSP Management server. From the error message you received, it appears you do not have this defined.


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Re: SnapManager Sharepoint configuration question


Thanks for the clarification Mark. I reconfigured my Logical Devices and was able to set up a backup job succesfully.



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