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SnapManager Verification Server and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)


Hi guys,

Hopefully this is the right section to put my question in - if not please feel free to move it accordingly.

At present we have SnapManager for SQL configured to verify backups on a separate SQL verification server which works great. New requirement came up to encrypt the database using SQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) which means my verification will most likely fail since SQL won't be able to read the database.

Does any of you have done something similar in the past and can share their experiences on how to go about doing this?

In a nut shell I need to have the database encrypted and backup verified by SnapManager in the encrypted state.

Is there any official documentation from NetApp I can take a look at?







Does SnapManager for SQL provide support for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) of Microsoft SQL Server databases?


Please use this link as a documented reference for the use of TDE in your SMSQL configuration.


Furthermore, this information will be included in an upcoming release of the SMSQL Administration Guide.

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