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SnapManager for SQL databases already on LUNs

We've never used SnapManager before, but have setup our SQL server's LUNs as per NetApp best practice. So, all our databases and transaction logs currently reside on LUNs.


During the SnapManager for SQL install, we're prompted to link databases with LUNs in order to be migrated. When I got to this step, I didn't need to configure anything, and it seems that SnapManager automatically picked up this mapping.


As part of the last step, I had to specify whether the SnapManager for SQL configuration wizard will delete the databases where it was moved from. I've disabled this option.


What is going to happen if I continue with the configuration wizard? Will copies of the DB's be made in it's current location (on the LUN)? Or will SnapManager just start managing these databases?


Re: SnapManager for SQL databases already on LUNs



Simulated this, and this is one of the lines in the report:


[DB] There is no change for SQL Server user database.
[DB] There is no change for SQL Server system database.


So its safe to run.

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