SnapManger for Exchange 2003 on Vmfs and RDM's

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This weekend we migrated our VMware environment over to New NETAPP Filers 3240 in Cluster mode. We are now trying to configure SNAP Manager from Exchange but this morning when I came in I received the following error:

05:03:14.818]  Adding volume containing L:\ ...

[05:03:18.053]  Successfully add volumes to snapshot set.

[05:03:18.053]  Adding volume containing C:\ ...

[05:03:18.068]  Error in calling VSS API: Error code = 0x8004230e


We are running Exchange 2003 SP2, SNAPDRIVE 5.1 and SNAPMANAGER 6.0.2. Over FCP

Our Exchange server is hosted on VMware and this is the layout for the Exchange Server:

C:\ - VMFS

D:\ - VMFS

L:\ - RDM with the Exchange logs

N:\ - RDM Snap info lun


I have seen a posted stating that SnapManager for Exchange on VMFS is not supported. However as you can see I have the DB and the Logs on RDM's?

is there any reason why I can getting these errors. Any help would be great.


SnapManger for Exchange 2003 on Vmfs and RDM's

I managed to resolve this issue myself in the end. It was due to the Tracking logs and mddata area sitting on local c:\ I moved these to the same area as Exchange logs on the netapp and hey presto, everything worked.

Hope this helps someone out there!!