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SnapMirrored LUN mount point permissions


I have something I've been trying to figure out and thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone can help.

I'm moving data between two filers using SnapMirror, so I can retire an old filer.

The server that I'm having an issue with is Server 2008 x64 running Hyper-V.  It is an HP BL460c blade with a Qlogic iSCSI HBA.

All disks are iSCSI, including the boot disk as it's boot from SAN.

There are two other disks mounted as mount points, on which the Hyper-V VMs are located.

Steps I have taken:

1 - I took note of the disk IDs in Windows and the LUN IDs and serial numbers, then switched off the server and unmappd the LUNs on the old filer.

2 - Snapmirrored the volumes containing the LUNs over to the new filer.

3 - Broke the Snapmirror, changed the LUN serial numbers to match the originals and mapped the LUNs on the new filer witth the same LUN IDs.

4 - Reconfigured the Qlogic HBA to point to the new filer, then rebooted the server.

The server boots up fine and all disks are visible, disk IDs are the same, etc, however, I cannot browse the mount points and the Hyper-V VMs won't start, complaining about permissions.

My question is:  If the snapmirrored disks are, for all intents and purposes, exactly the same, why can I no longer access the mount points?  I tried going back to the original LUNs on the old filer and all is well, I can browse the mount points as usual.  Try again with the snapmirrored LUNs and I have no access.  This isn't really about how to gain access, but why there is the difference in the first place.  If the LUN serial numbers and Windows disk IDs are the same, shouldn't the server blindly accept them as the same disks?

Any suggestions?!


Re: SnapMirrored LUN mount point permissions


The answer was... Lumension EndPoint Security. The new iSCSI LUNs from the new filer were presented to the server as a slightly different device than the old LUNs from the old filer.  Lumension was not authorised to allow these devices so it blocked access, hence my issues.

Allowed the new LUN type and all was well.

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Re: SnapMirrored LUN mount point permissions

how did you allow the new lun type ? I do have the same issue, after we migrate Netapp Boot lun from a old storage to new storage, Bootlun is not showing up drive letter in snapdrive due to which i am unable to backup the lun through snapcreator frame work.
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