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SnapProtect Backup Copy problems


Storage polciy to snap, aux between datacenters with a vault, and then backup copy to tape.  Backup and Aux work.  However, when I kick off the backup copy, it says no jobs found even though when I look at the jobs for the copy, it says there is one to be copied.  So I started a new backup and told it to create a Backup Copy immediately, which failed because of the pending jobs in the backup copy.


In the Commvault world I came from, I'd have done this with Backup, DASH Copy, Aux copy.  That was without snapshots though so it's a brave new world now.



There are two places to check under the storage policy.

Is it set to copy only specifc full jobs and was there a timeframe set as to when the backup copy should start copying.

Is there a backup copy job sitting in the job controller (and what is the state)?


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