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SnapProtect - Vault restore issue


I’m looking for some advice on a SnapProtect restore issue we are experiencing; We have a CIFS share being backed up using an Aux Vault job. When we restore from this vault job we are able to restore an individual file or a whole folder structure successfully, however if we try to restore multiple individual files from within a folder without restoring the whole folder the job will fail with the below error.


Error Code: [39:278] Description: Restore Job Failed. Reason:[Failed to find the source path '/testing Vault restore.txt' in the Snapshot copy 'SP_2_5489_2218_1438167682', Error: 'Data ONTAP reported error code (2), message: 'No such file or directory' (request: '  /vol/CC_SnapProtect01_SP_130_Copy_310_Site01_cifs_test_Backup/.snapshot/SP_2_5489_2218_1438167682/testing Vault restore.txt  ').'. Make sure that the source path exists in the requested Snapshot copy.]. Source: SnapProtect01, Process: CVNasSnapRestore


When we receive this error the first file is restored before the restore operation fails. Has anyone encountered this behaviour before ?



Re: SnapProtect - Vault restore issue



I am facing the same issue. Did you find the solution ?



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