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SnapProtect creates duplicate volumes


Hi guys,

I have implemented SnapProtect to take snapshots on our NetApp Metro Cluster en from there SnapVault them to Secondary NetApp Filer.

On the Source I have 1 volumes regarding SQL data and Logs. Taking the Snaps is no problem.

But when I start the SnapVault, on the secondary there are 4 volumes created. Name_1, _2, _3, _4.

When i look into the Volumes Snapshot, I see that _1 and _2 volume have snapshots and 1 base snapvault.

But when I look into the _3 and _4 volumes, I see only a Base SnapVault.

Within SnapProtect I have one default subclient with all of my databases as content. I make only Full back-ups. (incl logs)

Why do I get so much volumes?

Does anyone have an idea? This way, I will be at the maximum of flex vols on the Secondary in no time.

200 flex vol (FAS2040)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thnx Guys!

kind regards,

Mark Rijnders



Hello Mark,

Which agent do you use for your snapshots?

SnapProtect has some rules to follow regarding the way data are located, in order to avoid such behavior.

If you use the SQL agent, maybe you have to separate the logs from the database on two separate volumes.

In the documentation (, I can see that you have one storage policy for the database, and one for the logs, so at least, you will have two times a SnapVault if the data and the logs are stored on the same volume.


Thanks for your reaction.

I use the SQL iDataAgent. And the Logs and SQL data are all on the same volume. And I get 4 volumes on the vault location.

I will look at the knowledge article.




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