SnapProtect recovery granularity


I have a question about the recovery granularity of Snap Protect Product.  I know that Snap Protect doesn't use SnapManager, but relies on its own agents for SQL, Exchange, SharePoint (and others). So, if I would use Snap Protet, could I recover Single Mail Boxes in Exchange or tables/databases in SQL Server? Did anyone faced these needs? If yes, how did you deal with this?


SnapProtect recovery granularity

I just found out in the SnapProtect Technical FAQ that is possible, for Exchange, to recover:
- A single database;

- A single user mailbox;

- Or a single e-mail inside the user mailbox.

But I was not able to see anything related to SQL granularity. If anyone knows about that, please let me know.

Thanks a lot!

Re: SnapProtect recovery granularity

For SQL granularity, please check the SE deck on the field portal. Slide 46 shows restore granularity for all applications