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Snapcenter Report scheduling



Snapcenter reports can show you all backup jobs for specific resource groups and for a specific completion status if you want. What I miss here is report scheduling. 


Is it planned in future releases to be able to schedule reports (like a schedule for a daily report for all backup jobs for a specific resource group that will be sent using mail). A highly requested feature with our customers is the ability to send daily overviews of backup jobs to the responsible application owners.









Re: Snapcenter Report scheduling

You can setup a more detailed reporting using swagger and REST-API.

If You ask NetApp Support for assistance, pinpoint on swagger and they may help you getting further.

I just know that we're using this but personally I have no experience with it.

Re: Snapcenter Report scheduling

I never used swagger before ... I can certainly try what I can get from it. Thanks for the suggestion.


However I would like to have access to report scheduling straight from the GUI is possible.

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