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Snapcenter Server site failover

Hi there


This may be a dumb question, but here goes......


If i implement an HA snapcenter server solution on my primary site and use this to snap and then mirror the volumes on my production workloads to the secondary site then I have my data on the second site in the case of total site loss. but I do not have my Snapcenter servers to restore the data of my previous backups.


What is the recommended approach to failover the Snapcentre servers in the case of a DR event?

Do I need standby Snapcentre servers at the secondary site?

Can I synchronise the snapcentre database between sites and HA pairs?

would I have to import the backed up snapcentre database into the second site before I can commence recovery of the production workload?

do i just have to manage the recovery manually?


Re: Snapcenter Server site failover



You should be able to perform the restore from the snapcenter Server using the backup available whether on the source or the destination site; you will need to make sure that snapcenter can communicate with both source and destination.

As for the Snapcenter HA, please find the documentation to answer your query:



Re: Snapcenter Server site failover

HI there


Thank you for the response. Given that Snapcenter can only support 2 servers in HA config and on a single site, then it appears as part of the overall DR strategy we need to have standby SC servers at the second site and to restore the backed up SC DB to before we can then orchestrate the recovery from our snapmirrored backups.


Seems a bit of a gap in the SC overall architecture that it cannot support a dual site config?


or have I missed something?


Re: Snapcenter Server site failover

So far, snapcenter can only support active-passive configurations in up to two hosts that are in the same location. i am sharing the below video link for more info regarding SC HA:



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Re: Snapcenter Server site failover

ok thank you for the confirmation. single site it is then.


are there any plans to address this gap so we can synchronise the SC DB across sites and have a standby pair of servers on the second ready to go in the event of a DR invocation?  will save the time required to restore from backup?



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