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Snapcenter - vSphere plugin - VM consistency exclusion


We're been using the vSphere plugin from Snapcenter to snapshot our datastores and when possible with the VM consistency option enabled.

There are a few cases when we're asked by developers and users to stop the vSphere snapshot on certain VMs as it seems to impact their production. What is annoying is that the VM consistency option is set at the policy / resource group level meaning all the VMs from all the Datastores added to those groups will have or not have the vSphere snapshot running.


Is there a way to keep the VM consistency option active but only exclude certain VMs from it? This would be of great advantage.




Re: Snapcenter - vSphere plugin - VM consistency exclusion



The VM consistency is an options within the policy. If you wanting to have some VMs backup without that option i would suggest create a different policy for those specific VMs. Keep in mind that Resource groups can contain any combination of VMs and datastores. So you can have separate RG with a specific policy and include/exclude the VM consistency option.



Re: Snapcenter - vSphere plugin - VM consistency exclusion



But that seems to be a very custom made and not stable/easy solution.

Imagine all the VMs/datastores snapshots are to be taken with VMware consistency except for some specific VMs.

These specific VMs are contain in spreaded datastores from which all other VMs are to be snapshot with consistency.


How would you accomplish this?



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