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Snapcentre Logon Web Page Customization


Hi, we have 3 instances of Snapcentre. Logon pages look the same on each instance. Is it possible/support to change the logon web page so I could include the server name or the like to create a more 'instance specific' feel? I'd imagine I can hack around this but likely any upgrade will revert any changes I make. Wondering if there is a customization folder or the like to implement custom CSS etc. 


Re: Snapcentre Logon Web Page Customization


I'm not certain how upgrades may impact it, but to change the background image for login is relatively simple in IIS.


You can find the background login in the directory C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapCenter WebApp\Content\img\LoginBackdrop.jpg


Simply download the desired image as a jpeg file and rename the original image file and new image file respectively, and place the new image file into the directory.


I would imagine most upgrades would not impact this, however it is relatively easy to repeat following an upgrade.







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Re: Snapcentre Logon Web Page Customization


Thansk @aladd for taking the time to answer! Much appreciated 😉

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