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Snapcreator 3.4.0 and vfiler with PM backup

I've some doubt about the setup to backup/snapmirror  volumes on a vfiler with snapcreator.

let me say I've this configuration:

vfiler = vfiler1

netapp controller = storage1

volumes = vol1,vol2,vol3

I'm not sure how to configure VOLUMES/VFILERS/NTAP_DFM_DATA_SET and NTAP_USERS for this configuration.

I've tried many configuration but at the end i was able to make it run the backup/mirror but not to update the dataset on the PM.

How I should configure the various parameters to make it work?



Snapcreator 3.4.0 and vfiler with PM backup

Hi Francesco,

VFILERS parameter is depricated you never need to set it anymore.

From SC there is no difference between phy filer and vfiler and you configure vfiler just like normal filer. If your vfiler is vfiler1, volume is vol1, and dataset snapcreator_vfiler then you would have following:





Make sure vfiler name in DFM and SC match, no ip addresses

There is a video on how to setup PM w/SC so check that out under videos section in SC communities



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Snapcreator 3.4.0 and vfiler with PM backup

Thanks Keith... just another little question...

We use DFM for protection manager integration. In this case it's suggested/correct to use the DFM as proxy instead of going directly to the storage for the operation? What's the real difference between using/not using dfm proxy?


Snapcreator 3.4.0 and vfiler with PM backup

The difference is do you want SC to send APIs to storage system directly or go through DFM server that is what proxy does, allows SC to not communicate w/storage system directly and you can manage rbac through DFM.


Snapcreator 3.4.0 and vfiler with PM backup

Hi Keith, I'm just finishing some tests and I'm not sure it's just me not using the right parameters...

It seems that I'm not able to go directly to the vfiler with https transport (I think ssl is not supported on vfiler at least on

Setting TRANSPORT=HTTP and PORT=80 let the snapcreator do the backup on the vfiler but I get an error contacting DFM (that instead use https port).

Setting TRANSPORT=HTTPS and PORT=443 I don't get the backup done on the vfiler.

I've not tested setting DFM connection in http (I think it can work)...

At this point I've to choose between USE_PROXY to use HTTPS through DFM or going to vfiler/DFM in simple HTTP...

Is this correct or I'm doing something wrong? Do you see any other way to have the connection go with HTTPS directly without the USE_PROXY?


Snapcreator 3.4.0 and vfiler with PM backup

HTTPS is not supported with vfiler. This isn't SC limitation but rather data ontap limitation. If your doing vfiler it is HTTP either through SC or DFM.


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