Snapcreator Demo video for Sybase?

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do we have a Snapcreator for Sybase video? Looking for something showing Quiesce, Snapshot, Snaprestore, Flexclone and Snapvault. Windows would suit my customer in particular.

If not, who can I lobby to have such a thing "created"?

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Re: Snapcreator Demo video for Sybase?


Have you had a chance to look at the video that was recently uploaded by Keith T.?

A sybase demo would be very similar to that one. Let us know if that suffices your requirements.

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Re: Snapcreator Demo video for Sybase?

The person to lobby for this being created is Michelle Nguyen, we would have to get the TME for sybase to do this but I think it is a great idea...otherwise as Alfredo mentioned the DB2 video would be very similar.