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Snapcreator Job Monitor

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Hi All

Is following statement correct: SC 3.5  scheduler runs maximum three Jobs simultaneous (Seen in Job Monitor).

When statement correct: Can I increase somewhere a Value, so that more than 3 Jobs runs simultaneous?

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Re: Snapcreator Job Monitor

You can run more than 3 jobs just scheduler will only allow 3 active jobs

There are several bugs with SC 3.5 scheduler, I strongly recommend upgrading to SC 3.6P1

Also 3.6P1 will only allow 3 active jobs maximum the rest will queue and this cant be increased. We are looking at increasing this in 4.0.



Re: Snapcreator Job Monitor

Hi Keith

I know this with 3.6P1, but we have had following Problem after the upgrade to 3.6.

Thread Link : 23803

We will open a case about that, but in the moment we are migrating all our oracle DBs to Netapp/snapcreator and so we haven't time to investigate  this Problem...

But thanks anyway. You are the first we will inform, when we running 3.6P1 :-)..