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Snapcreator and clones with NFS using -actual flag.


I am just wondering if Snapcreator supports NFS volumes exported with -actual flag?

It does work with snapshots and snap restore.

But if i make a clone it creates the new export not using -actual flag but the volumename.

any workaround for this?

Regards Magnus


Snapcreator and clones with NFS using -actual flag.

The export options for SC are as follows


NTAP_NFS_EXPORT_ACCESS - read-write, read-only, root

NTAP_NFS_EXPORT_PERSISTENT - Y|N to make add export to exports file

You can only export clone to one host at this point and only flag we set is if it is persistent or not.

If this doesnt work the only workaround would be to run a POST command and login to filer / do the export with CMD or script

Why do you need this flag? What does it do?



Snapcreator and clones with NFS using -actual flag.

We are installing at a customer site (big company).

Their storage group have one naming standard and their SAP group have another.

So we accomodated both by using the -actual flag for the nfs exports.


/vol/sapvol01/saplogs   -actual=/vol/vol01/qtree01,sec=sys,rw=@db2,root=@db2

In the example /vol/vol01/qtree01 is the name on the filer and /vol/sapvol01/saplogs is a "fake" name for the nfs export.

Regards Magnus

Snapcreator and clones with NFS using -actual flag.

Got it

Yeah we currently dont support this. We export using the name of the /vol/<volume>/<qtree>

I will take this up with dev team and see if we can add this in the future

Great idea / feedback!


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