Snapcreator backup logs from OS level

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Hi Snapcretor experts,


       We have been using snapcreator, usually we monitor the backup status from snapcreator GUI(https://<ip of snapcreator server>:8443/ui/ ---->Management--->Job Monitor), we also scheduled to send message for success/failure.


     I have a requirement, so that I can see the same logs at operation system level from command line. Do we have OS level for snapcreator like the way we have for SMSAP? Like to list the profiles, see the backup list ...









Re: Snapcreator backup logs from OS level



Didn't understood clearly what you mean by viewing logs at OS Level ? 


Do you mean a CLI (command line Interface) to view the job status ?  If so, snapcreator has powerful cli which support most of the operations GUI supports like listing the job details, trigger backup, etc.


If you are looking for Snapcreator CLI, we will provide you the needed commands.





Re: Snapcreator backup logs from OS level

Hi Amar,


 Sorry for the confusion, yes I am looking for CLI commands.

FYI ... my snapcreator is installed on LINUX machine and my snacreator version is 4.1





Re: Snapcreator backup logs from OS level



From the install location of Snap Creator you can just run:




to get output of all the command line options.


For an example, if you want to print out the status of scheduled jobs, you can run this command:


./snapcreator --<user> --passwd <password> --action schedList


Hope this helps!




Re: Snapcreator backup logs from OS level

Hi John,


 We get below error for almost all the CLI commands....


"500 Can't locate object method "new" via package "LWP::Protocol::https::Socket" at /</opt/NetApp/SC_41/scServer4.1P2/snapcreator>SnapCreator/Service/ line 150"


[root@pdtcstcli01 scServer4.1P2]# perl -e "LWP::Protocol::https::Socket"
[root@pdtcstcli01 scServer4.1P2]# echo $?


as you can see perl doesn't complain about missing package but we still get error id 500