Snapcreator rename cloned volume

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What will be the best way to customize cloned volumes rename after snapcreator flexclone if the default cl_ is not optimal.


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Re: Snapcreator rename cloned volume


I don't think we support renaming the clones.

1) you need ZAPIs to be executed, to rename the clones and SC does not allow you to put ZAPI commands there

2) NTAP_CLONE_IGROUP_MAP relies on cl_config_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format to map luns - if you rename (by some other process), the clone_igroup_map may not work.


Siva Ramanathan

Re: Snapcreator  rename cloned volume

I would like to refresh SAP/DB2 env DEV and QUAL, The DB2 plugins and consistent groups work very well. But I fear that leaving volumes with default name, with the number of instances, it will be quickly a mess.

Anyway I can create a very detailed config name.