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Snapcreator reporting

Hi All,

I was wondering what folks out there were doing for reporting on many Snapcreator jobs. A potential customer is hoping to get a periodic email sent with a list of their DB's that have success on snapshots, etc.

I was thinking something that would parse the /logs directory (UNIX environment), looking for success/failures. There will be many different profiles to parse.

I figured someone out there has done this before so before I reinvent the wheel...



Re: Snapcreator reporting

I integrate my snapcreator backups with OnCommand so that I have a centralized view. OnCommand has some Powershell commands that you should be able to use to do some reporting I believe. Since I know the vault relationships won't update if SC failed, I just go the lazy way and merely look in Oncommand once a day for relationships with lag errors.


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Re: Snapcreator reporting

Thank you Michael. What my customer is looking for is a ways to report each job success/fail, hopefully in either an email sent or a reports page. I don't see this as being possible yet via OnCommand, unless you have other experience? Some of the jobs will be simple snapshots taken via SC, and not necessarily have snapmirror/vault relationships updated.

Thank you for your help.

Re: Snapcreator reporting

If they want a consolidated email with all the SC backups, yes, you’ll need to script that … but if they just want an email from each server saying yes I backed up or I failed, that is possible with OnCommand and no scripts. I receive an email from each of my SC backups every day. The email either reports the job was successful or it failed. This option “OM_EVENT_GENERATE=Y” set to Y and a minor change in OnCommand allows for the email to be sent every day.

Hope this help you.

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